Riverview Coins


Riverview Legal Services is pleased to present “Riverview Coin”, offered in association with lawcoins.ca.


  1. “Riverview Coin” is a token-based program built on the WAVES Platform using blockchain¬†technology. Holders of Riverview Coin’s are able to exchange their coins for legal services offered by Riverview Legal Services.
  2. Every Riverview Coin can be exchanged for $1.00 worth of legal services offered by our firm.

Technical Requirements

  1. To hold and use Riverview Coin’s, users must have a digital wallet that is configured to accept WAVES.
    1. Download WAVES wallet here for free.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Riverview Legal Services (“the firm”) hold the exclusive right to alter or amend the terms-0f-use connected to the use of our token program known as “Riverview Coin’s”.
  2. Riverview Coin’s will be accepted by the firm on a 1:1 ratio with the Canadian¬†dollar.
  3. Riverview Coin’s have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for government-issued currency at any time.
  4. Holders of Riverview Coin’s may assign transfer or sell their coins to anyone they wish without the consent of the firm.
  5. Riverview Coin’s cannot be used to pay taxes or disbursements connected to the provision of legal services.
  6. The firm holds the exclusive right to terminate the use of Riverview Coin at any time without notice.